Luna Rae Vodafone Future Breakers

Luna Rae Vodafone Future Breakers

We have recently started working with a brilliant new act called Luna Rae, (aka Beth and Myra). Currently the girls are working on a bunch of new tracks and will be releasing their first single “Running For You” in late May/early June. Last week Luna Rae were selected as Vodafone’s Future Breakers and invited in to do a live session for their Big Top 40 Website and for Global’s radio stations.

You can checkout the live session below and find more information about the girls over at Luna Rae’s Facebook

Breen is featured on Vinyl Moon’s January compilation

FullSizeRender IMG_3373

Last year the good people over at The Burning Ear setup a vinyl club called ‘Vinyl Moon’. Every month you get the most handsome 12″ through your door, featuring some of the best new music around. This month they decided that the second track on the compilation should be Breen’s last single ‘Make Sense’. It’s a nice start to the New Year which will see him come back with a bunch of new tracks.

It’s also the biggest artwork I’ve ever seen in my entire life!